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30,000 Sunrises
Nik Matthews . ISBN 1177222 . Price

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30,000 sunrises– that’s the number of days demographers expect you to live. That’s also how many days you have to determine the meaning and purpose of life, develop a healthy understanding of God’s character, and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way.

This unique book makes the case that if we desire to have fullness of identity, we need to have a clear view of God. An unveiled view. This book explores the values of two opposing kingdoms: the Kingdom of God bringing life and life to the full, and the failed kingdom of the devil, who will take every opportunity to kill, steal and destroy.

We often develop a wrong understanding of God through doubt: either we doubt all that God says he is, or we doubt he can meet our own personal circumstances. When doubt robs us of our freedom, we can develop a fear-based perspective where we interpret relationship with God as one of reaching targets and maintaining performance. Alternatively, we can personalise God to such a degree that, often subconsciously, we expect him to meet our entitlements.

So if you struggle with the battle for personal identity and the need for confidence in God’s unending love for you, then 30,000 Sunrises is a must-read.

About the author:
Originally from the UK, Nicholas Matthews has lived, worked in and travelled throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. In recent years Nicholas has been leading schools where students are encouraged to discover and practice their faith in the classroom and on mission. With 20 years of full time volunteer work he’s seen first-hand many of the challenges of this world and his faith persuades him there is an answer. Nicholas now resides in Melbourne Australia with his wife, Sarah, and two sons. He works fulltime for YWAM.

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