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A Full Life
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“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” - Jesus (John 10:10)

I have witnessed much suffering in my work as a World Vision aid worker but I have been greatly blessed by seeing wonderful results of people’s lives being transformed by the love and practical aid they have received.

Each country I have worked in has special memories for me including my time in remote Aboriginal communities of Australia. Ethiopia was a place of wailing and sadness where mass starvation confronted me everyday.

Kenya was a contrast of laughter and colour where I spent 3.5 years with Youth With A Mission getting spiritually recharged.
Mozambique was a huge challenge as a health officer responsible for a mind-boggling forty thousand people in 11 villages.
In 1994, after the genocide I worked with World Vision in Rwanda leaving me with a greater understanding of the need for love and forgiveness.

Although the country was still at war, Liberia was a place of reaping the fruits of my labour, seeing the health message effectively reach the village level.

As you read the pages of this book be encouraged to step out for God for your own amazing adventure.

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About the Author:

Vivien Wilson begun her journey as a preventative health care nurse working in Aboriginal communities in QLD. She spent the next ten years working for World Vision in developing countries including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Liberia and Central Australia. Vivien is now a Minister and is the Director of Teen Challenge Centralia where she works with Indigenous youth caught up in substance abuse.


“Life is about giving not about what we get.” Vivien is a lady who has given her life to the service of others and lives this quote. The book encourages us to live a life of value and adventure. The book is a great read.
Ken Duncan OAM – Photographer

My first impressions of Vivien Wilson were her absolute unconditional love for people, her dedication to the outback and her faith in God. Serving tribal communities in the isolated dusty back blocks of Australia as a medical worker, counsellor and friend, Vivien’s years of faith-filled service make for great stories and reading. This book reveals an open window into realities of life from out west of Alice Springs to war-torn poverty stricken nations of the world.

My prayer is that this book will inspire a new generation of young men and women to take risks and put faith into action like Vivien Wilson. Rescuing young Australian’s from the curse of drug and substance abuse, helping to rebuild lives of people who have lost everything to the atrocities of war and genocide. Please read this book with expectation that God can use you to bring hope and healing to your world.

I am honoured to know Vivien as a friend and co-worker in the call.

Steve Grace – Australian Gospel Artist

I have known the author for all her adult life, and find her a very interesting conversationalist. I have had the pleasure of listening to her accounts over many years, and I am sure the results from reading these pages will be a very rewarding exercise.

Vivien’s work as an aid worker in the health field has been connected with the devastating famine in Ethiopia, the civil war in Mozambique and the recent genocide in Rwanda, to name a few. These stories she relates are true and fascinating indeed. In my opinion the result of Vivien’s efforts will have long and lasting effects on the populations of the countries in which she has worked.

Eric Abraham – World War 1 Veteran awarded the Legion of Honours at the age of 100 years.

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