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Are There Any Dancers In The House
Michelle Leaney . ISBN 9780992345235 . Price

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Are There Any Dancers In The House is a helpful guide dealing with dance in the Christian context. The book's author, Michelle Leaney, is a Pastor of the Arts at Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia.

She leads the extensive dance ministry there and directs Hillsong Performing Arts Academy.

Are There Any Dancers In The House is a must-read for those wanting to understand dance within the context of the church, as well as leaders looking to incorporate dance it either church services, or as part of college and training.


I have read so many books on praise and worship, music and song, expression and movement, dramatic arts, etc. and yet never before have I read such a magnificent book on dance, and it’s relevance and place in the House of God!

Michelle Leaney, well qualified to speak on these subjects, has been part of our Worship & Creative Arts team, in varying capacities for over 13 years. Her passion, energy and drive for advancing the Kingdom and her tender servant’s heart has been, to be honest, so very inspiring.

Every word so beautifully penned, has been well and truly lived... and for anyone dedicated to taking the future by storm... and in particular those involved in Dance ministry in any capacity, this book is the fuel you need to not only get you going.. but KEEP you on COURSE!

Darlene Zschech

Former Worship Pastor, Hillsong Church

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