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Beyond the Palm Trees - Real Stories From the South Pacific
Robyn Harbour . ISBN 9780992519292 . Price

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Beyond the Palm Trees is a book of real, short stories from the South Pacific. These easy to read stories will take you into the heart of remote villages and far flung islands, where custom and culture is so different from what we experience in the western world. These stories are a mixture of sadness and joy; cultural conflicts and strong family bonds; clashes between the old ways and the new.

Finding solutions with limited resources, making do with creativity, and hoping for a better future are not just attributes that those in the western world aspire to. Strength and resilience, alongside human fragility are a prominent feature of all of the people inside these pages. Poignant stories that will touch your heart strings and take you beyond the tourist trail.

Beyond the Palm Trees is full of stories about real people and events in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Author Bio

Robyn Harbour, along with her husband Russell, served as a fulltime missionary in Vanuatu for 3 years. Now based in Inverloch, Australia, Robyn and Russell continue to minister throughout the islands in South Pacific, speaking at conferences, pastor’s retreats, women’s ministry events and Sunday School conferences. Robyn continues to share many valuable friendships with the local indigenous people who have shared their stories and experiences with her.


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