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Carving a Piece of Heaven
Faliana Lee . ISBN 9780992519223 . Price

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Carving a Piece of Heaven is the true story of Faliana Lee’s personal journey of recovery from family violence.

Sadly many who are trapped in a violent relationship are also victims from childhood abuse, as was the case in Faliana’s life. The experience of family violence in her marriage added to the pain, yet the acceptance of God in her life as a young child protected her from being resentful, unforgiving and bitter. The reassurance that she is loved by God kept her sane, even as others around her were depleting that love constantly by adding continual emotional abuse.

Carving a Piece of Heaven offers hope to those who are in violent relationships - both men and women - that complete recovery is possible. The effect of family violence does not stop when one leaves the relationship. Faliana shares her own story and offers guidance to show others the road from abuse to freedom.

“Finding God in this life does not mean building a house in a land of no storms. Rather, it means building a house that no storm can destroy.” Larry Crabb

About the author:
Faliana Lee is a survivor of child abuse and family violence. At the height of her professional career, she was working as a tax accountant for a second tier accounting firm. She now dedicates most of her time to lobbying the government and authorities for national curriculum reform across kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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