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The Day I Met God
Grace Fauchelle . ISBN 9780648101659 . Price

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Kate White – your average college teen, has had it with life. When she was only young, her father walked out, leaving Kate and her mother with her brother who has terminal cancer. On top of that she is bullied everyday by a popular teen named Stephanie, who calls Kate fat.

This has led her to have an eating disorder, and Kate refuses to eat most days. For Kate, she blames God for abandoning her along with her father all those years ago. But when a mysterious young man with the name Yesua comes along and begins to help Kate with her everyday issues, including befriending someone who self harms, Kate’s life begins to turn.

However, when she finds out Yesua really means Jesus in Hebrew, Kate is once again left feeling hurt. Yesua says He will never abandon her, but will Kate ever be able trust Yesua? And when a traumatic event unfolds, will the hurts left in Kate’s heart ever be healed by Yesua?

About the author:
Grace Fauchelle is a young writer who lives in Wellington New Zealand. She is a self taught writer with her first book published in 2014. She also draws in her free time loves to run. This book is her second of twelve that she has written.


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