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What shape is your soul?
Who or what is shaping you now?

Once upon a time there was a young girl living with a mentally ill grandmother,
with no self-esteem, no confidence, no purpose, and with a fierce dislike of psychiatric wards.

Through it all she became a writer, a mental health chaplain and then a funeral director after a long, winding but exciting journey.

That woman is Kaye Hollings. In her new book, Shaped, she tells her story of being raw clay: moulded, fired in the kiln of life, reworked, re-fired, fashioned and glazed.

Shaped retraces her steps, helping you to potentially discover your own revealed path, emerge from life’s confusing maze, and find yourself in the safe hands of the Divine Potter.

About the author:
Kaye Hollings has worked as a writer for the Church Missionary Society and Wesley Mission in Sydney, and has had many human interest stories and poetry printed in magazines and other publications. She has authored two books of inspirational fiction – Dawn of Hope, published in 2013, followed by the sequel Kept by Love in 2014. Shaped is her autobiography.

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