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Peter's Song
Robert Hawkes . ISBN 9780648263968 . Price

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Peter’s Song is a work of fiction, based on the transformation of Simon Bar Jonah, the humble fisherman from the shores of first century Galilee, into the man known as the Apostle Peter. He was the leader of the rapidly growing, world-changing early church. This book is a celebration of the very ordinary made extraordinary by the hand of God. Peter’s Song relives events in Peter’s life as recorded in Scripture, but seen through his eyes and those who may have witnessed the events with him.

Peter’s Song explores the believers’ new relationships in the absence of their Rabbi, both within the group of disciples themselves and with peripheral characters like Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Although the book is set after the crucifixion of Jesus, the story is peppered throughout with first hand reflections on times when Peter ministered alongside Jesus.

Some of the memories are inevitably tinged with regret because of his impetuosity and feelings of inadequacy, or for just being dull witted. Peter’s Song looks at the humanity of the men Jesus chose to be His disciples and deals with the tragedy and humour of the various situations Scripture places them in. The book builds to a crescendo of hope, brought about by the transformative work of the Holy Spirit working in and through them as they continue with the ministry Jesus started.

About the author:
Rob Hawkes lives with his family in East Sussex, England. Rob became a Christian in 1983 at the age of 22 after experiencing a miraculous healing from a prolonged period of ill health. He has spent the years since that encounter seeking after the God that brought about such an act of grace in his life and in the process has served Him in various Church leadership roles ever since. Rob has a way of opening very familiar passages of Scripture from a fresh new perspective; not to apply new meaning to them, but to make them relevant for today’s listeners.

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