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From Here To Kingdom Come
Robert Warren . ISBN 9781921589348 . Price

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For every Christian who has ever sighed and said, “There must be more!”

From Here to Kingdom Come is an eye-opening exposé of Satan’s kingdom and his debilitating effect upon us all. The author points the way forward into our victorious inheritance in Christ, both as individuals and the Church. From Here to Kingdom Come is a visionary glimpse and a practical guide to the realisation of our reign with Christ in this world and the next.

Arguably, the Kingdom of God was Jesus’ primary message as He taught and demonstrated how it worked … God’s hidden plan for all humanity. The destruction of Satan’s kingdom by courageous Christianity, where gallant heroes stand victorious, bearing battle-tried swords, clothed with a valiant glory that only real warriors can know!

A roller coaster ride from Fallen Creation through to the glory of the Kingdom of God as it manifests on Earth – a kingdom that will exceed all the hopes of visionaries who cry out for the brotherhood of humanity, poverty alleviation, genuine miracles, justice and world peace.

Taken one chapter at a time, this book makes an excellent study guide for small group discussions.

About the Author

Robert Warren became a Christian in 1972 after reading a Gideon’s Bible in the YMCA (Montreal Canada). He later graduated from Faith Bible College (New Zealand) and served on short term mission trips into Tonga and Fiji. Robert has since taken up the call to service, often travelling throughout the South Pacific region promoting the concept of National Forgiveness Week.


“A clearly explained journey, up from a pedestrian Christian lifestyle on to a glorious level of attainable sanctified living in Jesus.”
Rev Barrie Wright, Chairman of Teen Challenge (One80TC) retired

“The forgotten aspects of genuine Christianity as they fit into God’s plan for His Kingdom on earth. Essential reading for all those seeking a closer walk with Jesus.”

Pastor Dean Keaney, Open Doors with Brother Andrew

“Reading this book not only opened my eyes but inspired me to seek the heart of God and to have a greater relationship with my Lord.”
Paul Zagorski, President of Irene Gleeson’s Childcare Kitgum Servants (Uganda)

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