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Have you ever wanted to get closer to God, but you can't seem to make it happen? Or felt like the harder you try to overcome your spiritual struggles, the more you get stuck? There must be a better way....

Simply trying harder never works and that is not God's plan for your spiritual growth. You don’t see an orange tree striving and struggling to produce a single orange. No, the orange will grow because the rest of the tree is healthy. It is a natural process. In the same way you will grow spiritually and produce the fruit of Godly living once your inner-life is healthy and thriving.

GrowthWorks is written to help you understand the biblical process of spiritual growth. It is the author’s conviction that the reason most Christians feel like they are not growing spiritually isn't because they don't want to grow, but rather that they are stuck spiritually simply because they don't understand how spiritual growth happens.

With simple, practical applications, GrowthWorks will take you step by step through the process of spiritual growth, teaching you biblical principles that will help you respond to God in a fresh and life-changing way.

It’s time to start growing again!

About The Author

John North is the National Director of Ambassadors for Christ International, Australia and is married to Lois and together they have four children. Born in India to missionary parents, he completed his Master of Theology in Texas and has travelled and ministered extensively around the world. John loves to teach the Bible in a penetrating, challenging way that makes a deep difference in people’s way of life. He hosts a daily devotional on Christian radio in Sydney where he now lives.

GrowthWorks is a ministry resource of Ambassadors for Christ International. AFCI works to accelerate the spread of the gospel through local churches. AFCI produces Bible-based resources in the area of evangelism and spiritual life.


“GrowthWorks has been the most challenging and rewarding Bible study series that I've ever undertaken. I feel like the scales have been lifted from my eyes and I now know how to live the victorious Christian life.” Gabby

“Thank you for the incredible impact GrowthWorks has had on my life. I am putting into practice the things you taught us. I am remembering truths from scripture and am acting on the truths. God is transforming my mind!” Bev

“GrowthWorks has changed the culture of our church. Throughout the last ten weeks the greeting has been “have you watched Growth Works this week? What did you get out of it?” It really has changed the thinking and conversation of this church.” Nambucca Church

“I talked with a number of people in GrowthWorks during the class and some of them were so excited as they appeared to be connecting some of the [spiritual] `dots’ that they had never perhaps known or understood how to connect before. One had an eye-opening experience learning about and better understanding the Holy Spirit and His role in her life. Another person came to [understand] prayer as relational rather than just something God asks us to do. That’s one thing that had really impacted him.” – Christen

“When asked by Church Council to investigate programs of study [we found] GrowthWorks blasted everything else out of the water – nothing else like it or up to it. GrowthWorks was good in emphasising our need for a close relationship with our Lord. If we have this correct and close relationship with God then the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control will naturally flow through our lives – we don’t have to do it in our own strength.” - Nambucca Church

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