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Inspiring Stories From The Field
Compiled by Lynn Goldsmith . ISBN 9781921589539 . Price

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Inspiring Stories from the Field shares on the lives of wonderful and devoted missionaries.

This book will leave you feeling inspired and motivated!

The life of a missionary is not always easy, there is certainly warfare attached to this walk, but as you read about the lives of these great people of God you will understand the courage and devotion in which they move forward to fulfill their destiny.

Just to name a few of the Missionaries included in this book, read as:
Wendy Hyslop talks about discovering God in a deeper way. She had a diverse career working as a missionary in Hong Kong, Africa and India.

Dr Ken Clezy talks about his service in the medical field. He tells of how, “Shortly before my mother died I learnt that she had prayed from my infancy that I would become a missionary, ‘but Lord, not to the lepers.’” He has now worked in a Leprosy hospital and maintains that - whether we are conscious of it or not, Christians are missionaries wherever they are.

Roger Ellem from Compassion served the Lord in Bangladesh and retells his adventures. He explains, “When I look back, Bangladesh exposed two Rogers: the Bible College graduate who knew everything and the confronted, battered emotional bloke who had encountered reality.”

This book will have you thinking about the possibility of life on the mission field and the rewards that come with a life of sacrifice.

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