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Into The Light
Clint Beattie . ISBN 9781921589683 . Price

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Into the Light tells of Clint Beattie and his remarkable recovery from terminal brain cancer, temporary paralysis and near blindness. Diagnosed at 12 years of age, Clint discovered he had an Astro-cytoma grade 3 brain tumour and in January of 1997, after treatment, was given 6 months to live.

After 14 operations, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 2.5 years of chemotherapy, Clint shares how God has worked through him and in him to heal and restore him to full health. Read as Clint testifies to the healing and redemptive work of Jesus in his life and how Clint lives out his passion to see people won for the Kingdom of God. Clint also shares how he dealt with adolescent cancer and found peace with God. He reflects upon how living water transformed his identity and made cancer a transition and not a destination. He reflects on the sovereignty of God and the transforming work completed on the cross at Calvary.

In the final chapters of ‘Into the Light’, Clint’s mother tells of her personal journey as to what it was like to watch her son go through immense pain and suffering that cancer brought into his life. Read as she shares the lows and highs she encountered as she supported and loved Clint through such an ordeal, celebrate with her as she shares her unique angle. Into the Light is an inspiring, true story of one man’s journey of healing and restoration.

“Clint’s story is one which should bring hope to those who are given no hope: through a time of great pain and suffering, endurance and perseverance, always trusting in His loving Father who promises to work all things together for good, Clint has been through fire and come forth as gold. May this story encourage you that you too can have the victory.”

Dr Robyn Cosford MBBS(Hons)FACNEM, Conjoint Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, University of Newcastle, Director, Northern Beaches Care Centre, Sydney.

About the Author

Clint is now 29, residing in Sydney Australia and living his life to the full. Getting married in July, he looks to the hope and the future he has in God and lives on to help suffering people.

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