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Joktan: The Facility
Lachlan Meurer . ISBN 9780994429988 . Price

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With Cooper returning to Joktan with a temporary cure, Ragan, Tarla, Mel, Jojy and LJ reunite to create a Facility to assist those affected with ADCD. With the weight of the universe’s biggest secret on their shoulders and the never-ceasing threat of the Protegendum, will they find a cure so all humanity can live free from the disease?

Furthermore while they are funded by the Ahed government the team must find a way discover the mysteries of ADCD and the Saberical Passageway while keeping their findings hidden from them.

With the date looming of the passageway reopening many questions are revisited. Will LJs husband return? Who are the Protegendum and what do they want? And who is the familiar face that comes through the Saberical Passageway?

When the Protegendum reveal their belief of a broader conspiracy theory, Cooper struggles to find the truth because if proven, it would destroy the Facility and possibly all inhabitants of Joktan. Is he just a pawn in a interplanetary game of domination?

The Facility is the second of the Joktan Trilogy and is a mystery set on the other side of the cosmos on another planet inhabited by humans.

Dealing with themes of arrogance, friendship and unanswered prayers, Joktan: The Facility takes you on a gripping journey of intrigue.

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