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What if He said there was another?

Newly married Cooper Grace is transported through to Joktan, a planet on the other side of the galaxy which is also inhabited by humans. The inhabitants of Joktan excel in space travel and all resources are used to further the reach for the stars however it comes as a cost.

Cooper meets Ragan and together they unfold the mystery of how he got there and if he can return home. All the while Cooper and his new friends discover a new disease which is being covered up by the government, and he and his friends must race against time to find a cure to save the ones they love.

Joktan whisks you away to another place, with Cooper as he wrestles with hope when there is no end in sight, having purpose and the meaning of friendship and family.

About the Author

Lachlan Meurer lives in Dubbo NSW with his wife Sam and three kids. He is an author, music director/announcer at the local Christian radio station and has worked for the NSW government for over a decade. He has written over a dozen plays for the local church and is passionate about writing. Find out more at


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