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Just One in the Crowd
Reverend Ron Baker . ISBN 9780992519261 . Price

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Ron Baker’s story is a truly remarkable one, and at the same time an amazing account of salvation by God’s hand. Ron’s life story is that of just a normal person, who, in trying to contend with a traumatic childhood, tried to mask the pain. This led to alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, gambling, witchcraft, and more.

How he came in contact with Christianity and redemption was an amazing journey. Just One In the Crowd tells the inspiring story of how just one day at a packed Billy Graham crusade not only radically changed one man’s life forever, but also led to him touching the lives of thousands of others over the decades.

The author has dedicated his story to all those who have – and have had – to contend with similar trauma, with the assurance that, if he can get through it, then you too can as well. What awaits is the ability to escape from the past, and the chance to be free, enjoying a wonderful life with God.

‘God was at work. God spoke to him that night and he made his commitment to Christ. He struggled with his alcoholism, but gradually Christ changed him from within…he became a pastor and evangelist in Australia and other parts of the word.’
Just as I am – Billy Graham

About the author

Ron Baker is a Baptist minister and evangelist who has spent his life spreading the Word of God. Heavily involved in the Billy Graham Association of Australia, he is still actively involved in ministry and maintains a huge enthusiasm for the work of God. Ron and his wife Beryl live in Sydney, Australia.

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