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Mundis Veridis and the End of the World
Mim Lennon . ISBN 9781921589492 . Price

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Adventurous and Quirky... Mundis Veridis and the end of the world is the story of how one little green fallen higher being called Mundis Veridis was sent back in time by Satan to get the names and the numbers of those demons who with such “lack of insight” allowed the nation of Israel to be reborn.

It is a story that continues to happen all around us... It is the story of Israel…present day Israel. So dear lesser being put aside any prejudices you may have toward Israel and look at it through Mundis’ eyes…yellow, green and catlike.

Enjoy his escapades, relate to his somewhat marred character traits and rejoice in the fact that you have a choice concerning your ultimate destiny…whilst Mundis does not….not that this is something he ever dwells upon….indeed no, it is in fact buried so deep that it is almost entirely forgotten….


Multitudes of books have been written on this vast subject, but as far as I am aware, this book is unique. I remember hearing a speaker say “if you want to know what is important to God, look and see what the Devil is worried about”. This anthology of books looks at the past, present and future of the nation of Israel, from the perspective of the one who has the most to lose.
David Silver, Out of Zion Ministries

Mim Lennon's Trilogy, Mundis Veridis and the end of the world, is a series of Christian apologetics novels written in captivating style in defence of the establishment of the Modern State of Israel. Those believing that the Bible teaches a future for Israel will welcome the author’s thesis, and enjoy her insightful, racy, easy-to-read, **Lewisian ‘Screwtape Letters’- type approach. Highly Recommended reading for all!”
Deane J. Woods, M.A., B.D. (Hons), Th. D. Pastor/Bible Teacher & Conference Speaker.


Mim Lennon is a wife and the mother of four children and lives in Sydney. She is an Early Childhood Teacher by profession and has worked in the field on and off for 30 years.

Mim is an avid reader and traveller, her favourite destination being Israel where she can be found in the Old City of Jerusalem drinking tea and smiling to herself cause she is back where her heart is happiest …Jerusalem, Israel.

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