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A rebellious princess who longs to find her true purpose in the world, Shamira is bound by the demands of custom and etiquette. Since the death of her mother while giving birth to her sister, Abella, Shamira’s relationship with her father has been strained, compelling her to abandon all faith in the Helm.

Not even her one true friend, Keagan, Captain of the Princes’ Guard, can help Shamira overcome the bitterness and anger that keeps her spiralling out of control and inevitably into the arms of the artist, Sir Devon, who would see her compromise everything she once believed in.

About the author:
Elizabeth Calder is in her third year of a bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) at Tabor College, Adelaide. She is the co-organiser of Omega Writers Adelaide and administrative secretary for the up-coming Stories of Life writing competition. She is currently working on the second book in the Shamira Trilogy. She lives in Adelaide, Australia.


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