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Fear No Evil
Paul Kraus . ISBN 9780994194145 . Price

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Fear No Evil is the remarkable story of a young Jewish woman born in Budapest at the beginning of World War One. The life of Clara Kraus was one of incredible survival. In 1918 at the age of four she survived the Spanish flu that killed millions. Europe in between the two World Wars was in a state of much upheaval following the unfair peace treaties. Evil and hatred was especially strong in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and Clara Kraus, like all Jews of that time, felt the effects of that hatred. Survival was to become her mantra throughout her life.

By 1945 her house had been destroyed by bombing, she had been herded into a ghetto, put on a cattle train bound for Auschwitz, given birth to a child in a camp, escaped the notorious SS and made her way back to Budapest with a small son and a baby in her arms. All the while she knew that if she did not survive then all three would be doomed. During her captivity she had a vision of her living God and this vision made her stronger and gave her deep encouragement that she and her children would somehow survive.

Clara’s life was indeed a miracle and the fact that her dear husband somehow just survived the death camp Mauthausen and eventually was returned to her was one of many miracles she experienced. Read about this amazing lady in Fear No Evil.

Author biography:

Paul Kraus was born in Austria in the last stages of the Second World War towards the end of 1944. He arrived in Australia when he was four and grew up in Sydney. He worked in a number of jobs throughout his career, specifically in teaching and writing, after having graduated from Macquarie and Sydney Universities. At the age of fifty-two he was diagnosed with the incurable cancer of mesothelioma, but I has managed to live through this illness and become a long-term survivor. He has also survived heart trouble, a brain tumour and prostate cancer.

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