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Go Into all the World
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“I have the honor of having a sponsor like you; you are one of my best examples to follow…when I read the letters you sent to me it is as if I were close to you; I am happy, like with your presence in my humble home. I will never forget that day you were with me. When I write letters to you I get inspired because I imagine you with me. I don’t know how, but it is like magic writing these words because I do not say them, my heart says them, and with lots of love…”

These are real words, written by a real child. They may be directed at one particular person, but they are echoed in the hearts of over a million other children all around the world who are sponsored through Compassion International.

Over the last seven years God has taken David Chalmers, an Australian Compassion sponsor, advocate and traveler on an incredible journey. You’re invited to join him in his travels to twelve countries in the developing world where you will meet his sponsored children and families, experience their homes and communities, and hear their stories of heartbreak and brokenness. Then step inside the gates of the local Compassion Project where it is a different story altogether. The love of God is in these places.

As we look around at the many needs of our broken world, it is very easy to switch off and become overwhelmed. If you dare to come on the adventure contained in the pages of this book, you will see that one person can truly make a difference in the life of a child, and that there is hope.

David’s book is a powerful combination of beholding both human pain and the hope that God brings when he steps into a life of a child. He takes us on an expedition from the favelas of Brazil to a distant island in the Philippines and to the highlands of Guatemala. You will not only experience the harsh reality of these places and what it means for a child to survive everyday hardships, but share his joy, excitement and amazement as he opens his heart as a witness on how the Church worldwide is making a difference in releasing children from those circumstances. I express my praise for this book. I had the privilege of meeting David personally and admire how he faces the unpleasant truths of our fallen world, but is moved sacrificially to react in an unselfish and biblical way. We will be moved to do something on behalf of the least of these’ after going on this amazing journey with him.
José Carlos Prem - Country Director, Compassion International Guatemala

About the author:
David Chalmers was born in 1981 in Melbourne, Australia. He is the eldest of three children and a doting uncle to three nephews and two nieces. A primary school teacher by profession, he has also spent time as a musician, statistician, website administrator, amateur sports journalist and basketball coach. David started sponsoring with Compassion International in 2006, and over the last seven years God captured his heart so fully with his love for the poor, he financially sponsored 54 children and visited 31 of them in 12 countries. He is currently volunteering in an orphanage in the Philippines called The Ruel Foundation where, among other things, he teaches and manages the Facebook page and blog.
David also blogs at

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