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I Am a New Creation
Uong Nguyen . ISBN 9781921589966 . Price

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This is a book that will grip your attention, move your heart and challenge your will.
I hope you will read every word. In fact, I will be surprised if you don’t.
Dr Barry Chant, Founding President Tabor College, Author and Teacher

How easy is it to forgive those who cause you so much pain? Uong Nguyen’s journey from atheism, under the North Vietnamese Communist regime, to Christ is not an easy journey. Anger, bitterness, trauma, brutality and despair can destroy a man, yet the love of God can turn anyone around.

Growing up during the Vietnam War made a lasting impact on Uong’s life. Conscripted into the Vietnamese army at 18, he saw firsthand the horrors of the Cambodian ‘Killing Fields’ and the brutality of the Khmer Rouge. He also experienced the despair of languishing in a Thai refugee camp for seven years.

This book reveals how God is with us on our journey to faith and how the power of restoration and forgiveness are keys in the life of any believer.

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About the Author

Raised in North Vietnam, during the escalating years of the Vietnam War, Uong Nguyen saw firsthand how Communism impacted on his family and society. Conscripted into the Vietnamese army at 18, he was sent into Cambodia to restore peace at the end of the murderous Pol Pot era. Captured by a Khmer Rouge jungle unit he survived as a prisoner of war for over a year, then in a Thai prison before being released into one of the largest Thai refugee camps. After seven years in this camp, he was accepted for resettlement in Australia.
Currently, he is a Pastor at Jesus Family Centre Cabramatta, a large multicultural church in Sydney’s south west. He is married with two teenage children.

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