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Last Breath, My First Life
Dr. Peter Tole . ISBN 9781921589423 . Price

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A true story, Last Breath, My First Life recounts the incredible survival of Dr. Peter Tole, following 4 fatal gun shot wounds, including one lodged in his heart.

With the medical bills raising exponentially; a terminated payroll; a sick child admitted while he is in hospital and a dwindling faith in perfect recovery Dr Tole discovers God’s grace and His ability to make the impossible possible.

“Just like in Apostle Paul’s life, a mark of infirmity to prove God’s grace is in play in my life”. 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

This non-fiction story was written to encourage all those suffering including the persons used by the devil during his attack, to look up on God for His purpose in their lives, healing power, favour, providence and love. Apostle Paul’s 2 Corinthians 4:8 sums it all. In these circumstances, we do not despair! God has a purpose for our lives. Nothing is impossible with God to all who believe! You don’t need to keep whining over these tribulations, walk past them into a higher glory!

With un-edited photos of his injuries this is a story that must be read and seen to be believed!

About the Author

Peter Tole was born on 2nd November 1973 in Mombasa, Kenya to a strong Christian family. In 1993, he joined University of Nairobi enrolled as a medical student. In September 1999 he graduated as a Doctor.

After working in several hospitals in Mombasa, he moved back to Nairobi immediately after marrying Phyllis Gathura, who then worked as an Auditor for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Nairobi. They were blessed with a son, Leslie Tole, who turns six this September. In 2006, Peter, Phyllis and little Leslie permanently relocated to Australia.

Dr. Peter Tole practices Medicine in Australia.

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