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One More Hurdle to Jump
Lois Thompson . ISBN 9780992572679 . Price

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Most people face challenges and problems in their life. In this inspiring account of a Christian couple’s race together on the ‘track of life’, challenges are viewed as “hurdles to jump”. One More Hurdle to Jump reveals how Pastor Pat and Lois Thompson overcome life’s challenges with faith and hope in the God they love and served together for 33 years. In their third decade together, they faced the death of their oldest son in a car accident; Lois’s breast cancer; their daughter’s cancer, diagnosed when she was 22 weeks pregnant; and Pat’s cancer, which ultimately claimed his death in 2011.

The presence and power of God in their lives is undeniable, despite their loss, grief and suffering. Their remarkable story begins with how Pat and Lois meet and are destined by God to run their races in life together. As they face hurdles, Lois shares how they are helped to jump, by their coach, Jesus. The book also highlights the importance of the team in supporting fellow athletes jump whatever hurdles they may face in their race of life.

This book is for anyone searching for answers on how to overcome life’s challenges, where God is in life’s suffering, and how to overcome the hurdles of life, yet come out a winner.

About the author:
Lois Thompson has been a professional Social Worker for 38 years, working mostly in the health field. She and her husband pastored Pentecostal churches from 1982 to 2010, both in Australia and the UK. During their 33 years together, they professionally and personally dealt with a number of challenges in life. They have counselled and ministered to hundreds of people who have faced all manner of trials, tragedies, suffering, loss and grief. She has shared her message of God’s love and hope in The Philippines, Vanuatu, England and Australia. Lois lives in Queensland, Australia, where she enjoys running her race with her four children, their families, and fellow athletes on the track of life.

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