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Out of The Darkness
Kerryn Redpath . ISBN 9780987593238 . Price

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“This is a compelling story that should be read by all, young and old, parents, teenagers and current or past addicts of all persuasions. It is written in a simple matter-of-fact style. It is a story that should be especially read by all teenagers in their passage through the years of life, where they are most frequently brought in touch with the abhorrent world of drug addiction in all its forms.”
Associate Professor Peter Ryan

Despite a happy, loving start to life, some dire choices in Kerryn’s teens sent this young Australian woman into a wild path of destruction.

Given less than two hours to live with heart and kidney failure, a result of complications of a drug-related disease, Kerryn’s story is one that leaves the reader astounded.

In a brutally honest account, Kerryn describes the terrifying scenes she witnessed as she spiraled into the dark world of drug addiction. Chilling stories of O.D.s, drug and alcohol fuelled fights, months spent gravely ill in hospital and of hope almost lost, fill the pages.

Having miraculously survived two close encounters with death and several O.D.s Kerryn discovered a faith and embarked on a spiritual journey that has changed the direction of her life forever.

First published in 2010, this story has already impacted many lives and paved the way for Kerryn’s compelling School Drug & Alcohol Presentation.

About the author

Kerryn Redpath is an Australian woman who lives in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria. She grew up in a loving family and is now a devoted mother of three wonderful, young adults, Kyle, Stefan and Phoebe. Today, Kerryn is a passionate drug and alcohol educator, a role that evolved out of her own devastating near life and death trials. With her compelling presentation and vital message, Kerryn is now on a ‘mission’ to reach as many young people as possible.

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