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Coached By God
John Cronshaw . ISBN 9781519546395 . Price

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Is success and the Christian life mutually exclusive?

Many Christians would have you think so. But what is success in God’s eyes?

Bookshop shelves are filled with titles on self development, career advancement and achievement, and their foundations are most often worldly and humanistic. But work and business are crucial to human life, and the business world needs faithful Christians.

Is Christianity and success incompatible?

After founding a business, John Cronshaw had to find a balance between the practical aspects of making a profit and his desire to live a godly Christian life. He discovered that the principles of success in the world are also the handiwork of God, and true success only comes from employing these in obedient faith.

Although Coached by God is the product of two decades of writing, John draws on experiences from his entire life: from early primary and high school years, some time spent teaching, his own personal Christian experience, marriage and the birth of two sons, and a dynamic career change founding a tourism based business in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia.

This first book establishes a foundation for further volumes in this series, but its practical wisdom also stands alone, and is profitable for anyone wishing to serve God, His Church, and the community in the way they serve their valued customers.

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