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Remarkable is the follow up book to Be Inspired, the exceptionally popular leadership book by Justin Gardner. In Remarkable, the author reveals the transformational tools and techniques that you need to help you break free from the crowd and enter into the one-of-a-kind, remarkable life that you were born for. The kind of life that you have always dreamed of living.

This highly motivational and easy to read book explores the fascinating personal development journey that Justin has been on since finding God. Homeless at just 14 years old, Justin lived a criminal life until the age of 22, when he miraculously became a Christian. Justin was in debt, discouraged, and without discipline. Behind all of this was his destructive thought life.

Justin is now a senior minister, successful author, investor and public speaker, and has successfully broken free from living a life of debt to finding financial freedom; living a generous life and becoming a leader that inspires and mentors other leaders in many different walks of life - both nationally and internationally.

“Remarkable” contains the simple and practical principles that Justin has learnt, taught and applied over the last 20 years that have helped him and thousands of other people achieve greater levels of influence, success, adventure and purpose. In this book you will learn how to rediscover and maximize your gifts in a way that will help to make an amazing impact in your personal life, financial life, professional life and towards the people that you meet as you travel along the winding road of life.

This book is perfect for people in all walks of life that desire a change for the better, and the principles and wisdom that are contained within the pages of this powerful book will shift the way you think about everything you do and point you in the right direction towards living a Remarkable life.

About the author:
Justin Gardner did not have a happy childhood. Abuse, violence and rejection led to a life doing and selling drugs as early as 12. By 14, he was out of school and out of home and was living a life of crime on the streets of Melbourne. In fact, some of the people that he grew up with are characters portrayed in the Underbelly TV series. At 22, Justin was not only suicidal, but found himself heading down the path towards murder. He realised that the destructive life he had been living for so many years was only headed towards death, and he called out to Jesus to save him. His life took a massive turn and today, Justin is the senior pastor of Destiny Centre Christian church in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria.
Justin travels nationally and internationally, preaching to build and inspire the body of Christ. He has been happily married to his wife Kim since 1999 and has two sons, Davis and Oskar, whom he adores.

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