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A Woman's Guide to Power, Purpose and Joy
Lara Phegan . ISBN 978-0-9875839-2-5 . Price

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Your life matters. But you have to claim it. Are you ready to step into your power?

A Woman’s Guide to Power, Purpose and Joy provides insight and inspiration for loving yourself and letting your light shine. It addresses the concerns and conditioning that hold many women back and helps you unleash your gifts, your greatness and your joy. Its practical approach enables you to:

- overcome self-doubt and fears that keep you from stepping forwards

- know your authentic self – and feel great about who you are

- stop worrying what other people think of you – and get on with your calling

- feel confident about your gifts and passionate about living your purpose

- learn to handle criticism and protect yourself from people who undermine you

- say “no” to people and give up ‘people-pleasing’ behaviors

- strengthen your faith and allow higher wisdom to guide your daily choices

- dissolve the barriers that prevent you from sharing your gifts and shining your light

- live a more empowered, purposeful life.

Are you ready to feel great about yourself and your life?

Are you ready to be a woman of Power, Purpose and Joy?

About the author:

Lara Phegan is an international feature writer and teacher in the field of personal and spiritual growth. Her work is published in a variety of magazines including Woman Alive Magazine, Inspire Magazine, Christian Woman Magazine, Wellbeing magazine and Healthy Options Magazine. She has been coaching and mentoring women for over ten years and is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader, and host of the radio show, Your personal and spiritual development.

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