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Cutting Edge
Helen Bardell . ISBN 9780980452365 . Price

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Deliberate self-harm is an issue that evokes a lot of misunderstanding. It’s an issue that raises fear and suspicion even in Christian circles. Self-harm is more widely spread than you might realise - affecting men and women, all ages and from all backgrounds.

Several years ago I began to address my own compulsion of self-harm. A mammoth journey that took me through depths of fear, anxiety and testing that I did not imagine could exist. As a Christian I was shocked to realise there were no resources to help myself, or those who wished to support me.

The world offers management of behaviour; God graciously pours healing into lives. The world robs people of hope because management is the goal - not freedom. God has placed me in a privileged place where I can bring tangible hope and “insider” resources out into the open in order to empower others to be set free.

This book is for anyone seeking to break the cycle of self-harm in his or her own life. It’s also for anyone in a relationship or support role with an individual who self-harms.

It’s the book I wished I’d had in my own hands some years ago.

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