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My Purple Pants
Samantha Jackel . ISBN 9781921589126 . Price

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This is the remarkable story of a young woman's journey from childhood loneliness and fear, through teen years of oppression, deception and manipulation to a life of amazing healing and love.

An encounter with a praying woman from the Salvation Army, a pair of purple pants and a deal struck with the devil would put events in motion that would, in time, alter the course of Samantha’s life. She would see first hand the struggle that is played out every day over the souls of people – a struggle that exists between good and evil, Satan and God

A love starved child would grow into a desperate, scared and suicidal woman. Through the power of prayer and the grace of God, this same woman would transform and become a loving wife and mother to 5 beautiful children. This is a story of the enduring grace and goodness of God – and a love that reaches out to us from eternity past and into today.

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