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Parenting Inc
Terri Hardwick . ISBN 0975204467 . Price

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Parenting Inc. is a guide to 21st Century parenting. It provides clear and practical guideposts and warning signs to help parents succeed in the most important job of all in a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

The book will inspire and motivate parents to re-think their priorities, and give time to what has the highest value. Investing time into the lives of their children is the greatest investment parents will ever make. Parenting Inc. encourages parents to have a vision for what they can achieve in their parenting. The future belongs to children. They are the adults of tomorrow. But what children will be tomorrow, they are becoming today. The choices parents make in the present will have a profound impact on their child's future, and on the future itself.

There is a clear challenge to parents throughout Parenting Inc. to recognise their position of influence and leadership. Todays children need parents who are prepared to make difficult choices in order to keep a balance between the demands of work, the frenetic pace of life, and commitment to family. The job will never be easy, but the message is clear in this book that it will definitely be worth it.


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