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Shame Off You!
Martin Steel . ISBN 9780980452389 . Price

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Sin is not the Christian’s greatest problem—guilt is! Like so many Christians, you may acknowledge that Christ has forgiven your sins, and yet you still may find yourself feeling guilty about significant moments in your past, whether they took place ten years ago or ten days ago. Why do you feel that way when you know you’ve been forgiven?

Every person who has achieved significance for God has had to first overcome a mountain of guilt. Jacob, Moses, David, Peter and Paul were all monumental sinners who had every right to wallow in a prison of guilt. But these men threw off their shackles of shame to become remarkable heroes for God. What turned them from guilt to greatness? How can you and I live 100% guilt free?

In this book Martin Steel reveals strategies to overcome the tentacles of guilt and shame that reach out to claim your future. You can become a champion for God, but first you must learn how to deal with guilt. These powerful strategies will guide you towards a life of freedom, forgiveness and victory.

It does not matter what you’ve done in the past, God wants to give you another chance. As you read this book, you will find God whispering to you the unmistakable message of the cross: Shame off you!

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