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The Secret Place
George Mfula . ISBN 11156667 . Price

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The whole world is experiencing a time of financial hardship. It is a time when many people have turned to be borrowers instead of lenders. Fear of the unknown has gripped many lives as a result, all kinds of prayers have been made in an effort to avert financial hardship, but nothing seems to be working. Marriages, relationships, ministries and businesses have experienced storms of financial hardship such that all hope have been lost.

Now, The Secret Place is written to give you understanding, stability, hope, wisdom, faith and revelations that will shield you from financial hardship. Pastor George clearly says, not all winners sweat to win.

This is because when you operate in wisdom, understanding and revelation you don’t have to sweat to get results of which others are struggling to get. He says, he has seen how many lives of people have been empowered and enlightened it comes to get their financial lives sound. The blessing does not only mean health, but connotes the idea of financial favor as well. He says; money is not strange in heaven. So, your connection to heaven gives access to financial wisdom that sets the pace for financial prosperity that you need to experience in your own life.

About the Author:
Pastor George Mfula is the founder and senior minister of Rise & Walk Faith Ministries International. The ministry focuses on preaching and teaching the word of God with simplicity and understanding, raising the foundations of many generations, liberating people from all oppressions of the devil, leading this generation into the healing presence of God by the power of the blessed Holy Spirit. Showing people their covenant rights in Christ Jesus via the power of divine revelations.

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