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This Chosen Fast
Matt Madigan . ISBN 9780980345810 . Price

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This is a book written by an ordinary man… with an extraordinary story.

In this time of history, in this day and this hour, Christians across the planet are responding to a call from God. There is a stirring to exchange an otherwise ordinary life for the extraordinary story of God Himself. God’s story will ultimately be told by men and women who listen, and act.

Are you listening?

In this down to earth and accessible book, Matthew Madigan explores a topic long shrouded in mystery and misconception. As you read Matt’s story and hear his challenge, you will begin to understand the vital role of prayer and fasting in your life, the life of your community, and the future of this world.

If you have ever asked

…what is it that causes a person to fall on their knees to pray?

…what is it in the Spirit of a man that stirs him to look outside of himself and turn his heart towards the plight of his nation and his world?

…what is it that would cause a man to be so passionate that he would fast and pray for forty days?

You are invited into the story within this book. You are invited to make this story your own, and you are invited to This Chosen Fast.

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