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Welcome Stranger
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One of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite stories has a politician before the court on charges of corruption. His plea to the judge was unique. “Your Honour, It was not my fault. I could never have done all that stuff if the people hadn’t elected me.”

As a teenager in the 1940s I looked at the hands of my watch move ever so slowly on Sunday until finally the parson said “ Amen.” Then came a visit by the “Man From Wales,” Ivor Powell. His two week mission in Newcastle was life changing. He told Bible stories in such a way, they came to life. When Jesus threw down the tables of the money changers, Ivor Powell had us looking at the money rolling on the ground.

It was so real I wanted to reach down and pick up as many coins as I could. It was not my fault that Ivor Powell made the Bible exciting, but from that day I wanted to deliver Bible stories just like he did. It is my sincere hope, that all these years later, the nuggets of gold from the Bible will be as fresh to you as they were to me and that you too will find God’s Word exciting.

To Ponder
To ponder is not to brood or be sad or even meditate. A seventeen year old, unmarried girl was told she would give birth to the Saviour. She pondered this message in her heart. To ponder means to wonder a deep level. There is something to ponder in every page of this fascinating book of stories from the Bible. The reader will find them at once challenging, humorous, serious and instructive. I’m sure you will be encouraged as you respond to the “nuggets of truth “ as they unfold in its pages.
Salvation Army Chaplain Ross Gilmore OAM

About the author:
Al Mewett has lived a rich and varied life. He can be best described as endeavouring to cram two lifetimes into one. After a successful 25 years as a Minister of Religion, he turned to business management, first as a highly respected manager with Grace Bros. Department Stores (Now Myer) and then moving to Sports and Event Management where he was elected International President of World Championship Bowls. Her Majesty the Queen authorised a Certificate for excellence in sports management. The Certificate was endorsed by the Governor General and the Prime Minister of Australia and awarded to Al. There is no storm strong enough to wrench it from its prominent position on his study wall.

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