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What’s God Really Like
Rod Pegus . ISBN 9780992519254 . Price

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What’s God Really Like? is a different kind of book because, while it describes the true nature of God as revealed in the Bible, it is presented in the kind of informal, story-telling style you’ve potentially never encountered before.

When we want to know about God, we go to the Bible, where we find what’s known as the ‘gospel’. In its simplest terms, the gospel tells us about God’s relationship of love for humanity through Jesus Christ. The gospel story is timeless, but in this busy, modern world of ours, the message it tells us can often seem somehow remote – not really connected to the way we are today.

The purpose of What’s God Really Like? is to change that perception by bringing the the gospel message ‘to life’ in a way that, even after two thousand years we can still relate to it – in today’s context – on a day by day basis. Not only does the book keep a continual spotlight on how God’s love is expressed, century by century as the gospel story unfolds, it includes context background information that even active, church-going Christian people will find gives a new freshness and understanding to the story they’ve known for so long.

What’s God Really Like? is written for everybody. As well as Christian readers, it is also well suited to those skeptical non- Christian readers who, up to now, have had no interest in knowing God at all. This is because it contains, in a single book, enough information and understanding about God and the Bible, to provide a rational and comprehensive explanation of Christianity from beginning to end.

"Rod Pegus has given us an easy to read, accessible introduction to the unity of Scripture - how the Bible fits together. Its story line leads us to Christ, the final revealer of what God is really like.
The Ven. Reg Platt, Archdeacon Emeritus

About the author

Born in Queensland, Australia, Rod Pegus received his formal Bible training at Moore Theological College in Sydney. He graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Studies in 1996, while still continuing his practice as a consultant in an unrelated profession. He is now retired, and with his wife Susan, is a member of his local Anglican Church in Sydney’s north shore.

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