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Cleopatra’s Granddaughter
Michael Hammond . ISBN 9780992345297 . Price

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Adventure and the power of love run through this historical adventure story which follows the journey of Aurora (Cleopatra’s Granddaughter), Hannibal (apprentice ship’s pilot), Kyrabyly and Mickerie (Australian Aboriginals).

The journey begins with Aurora and Hannibal drifting eastward across the Indian Ocean in a Roman Trireme. Kyrabyly and Mickerie enter the adventure when the Trireme is beached on the North Western Coast of Australia.

Their journey continues to the Indonesian Archipelago and eventually back to Rome with many adventures along the way: pirates, rescuing a princess, facing betrayal and death, confronting demonic powers, rescuing shipwrecked slaves, escaping massacre of a caravan, experiencing heartfelt reunions and the love of God. They face fears and betrayal and prison, meet Paul and other Christians in Rome, face the Emperor, a number of surprises, and the outcome of their dreams.

About the author:
Michael Hammond is a teacher who knows the power of words to nurture and build up. He loves crafting words and using them to paint pictures. He has a passion for reading and its creative power to enable our minds, through our God given imagination, to go on wonderful adventures and journeys. He is married to Kathryn and currently lives in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales Australia.

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