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Floodgates of Glory
Robert Warren . ISBN 9780994551634 . Price

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Robert Warren sits on the eighteen member council of Australian National Solemn Assembly (ANSA) under the auspices of Praise Corroboree. Christian representatives and elders from 400 Aboriginal tribes plan to meet together at Parliament House Canberra for the first time in Australia’s history to confess, repent and seek forgiveness.


Floodgates of Glory is about forgiveness from the heart, a quintessential ingredient as the launch pad for revival and reformation. Forgiveness is the essence of the Kingdom of God. It is the air we breathe.

Our relationship with God stands or falls on our acceptance of His glorious gift of forgiveness in Jesus Christ. And it also stands upon our willingness to then extend this grace of forgiveness to others. This is poorly appreciated, even in Christian circles.

Like so many of us, the author was confined to the pews until a longing to serve God began to rise in his heart. After much prayer, God sent him on an amazing mission: to bring a week of forgiveness to nations, not confined to churches, but at a national level across communities. In 2004 the inaugural National Forgiveness Week (as mentioned in the Transformations series - Let the Seas Resound) was held in Fiji. The Prime Minister endorsed the idea and it became an annual government-sponsored event. Floodgates of Glory developed from a series of essays written for that event.

In 2010 Vanuatu held their first Vanuatu Forgiveness Week, also government sponsored. And now Aboriginal communities in Arnhemland have held Forgiveness Week on Australian soil. Forgiveness Week is planned to become an annual event throughout all of Aboriginal Australia, with the hope that it will eventually extend into the whole of Australia.

Floodgates of Glory will inspire tears and humility, as is fitting for all Christians.

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