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Kintsukuroi Christians
Dr C. Edward Pitt . ISBN 9780994596895 . Price

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Mental illness. It’s a scourge of our modern society. Everywhere it goes, mental illness leaves a trail of hopelessness, shame and brokenness in its wake.
But brokenness isn’t the end of the story.

In the ancient Japanese tradition of Kintsukuroi, things that were broken became things of beauty, as seams of gold decorated the former defects.
With more than twenty years of medical training, clinical practice and personal experience with mental illness, Dr C. Edward Pitt weaves a powerful narrative, which educates and empowers.

Applying the timeless principles of the Bible and the best of modern science, Kintsukuroi Christians offers a road map to recovery and skills to enhance psychological health, helping to transform mental brokenness into a thing of beauty.

About the author:
Dr C. Edward Pitt MBBS FRACGP is a full time general practitioner from Brisbane, Australia. He has been studying and working in the medical profession since 1992. Since attaining his GP Fellowship in 2005, he’s gained experience in many varied areas of medicine including Mental Health, Skin Cancer Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine, Aged Care and Sexual Health, and Family Planning. He is also a regular question writer and examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Over the last two decades, he has written three books, dozens of magazine articles, hundreds of blogs and one peer reviewed scientific article, with more in the pipeline.

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