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Marked by Mercy
Mark Johnston . ISBN 1123344778 . Price

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From a very young age, Mark Johnston grew up around pubs, parties, drunks, drug addicts and criminals. He was a victim of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. By the age of 19 Mark had attempted suicide numerous times and was put into seven drug-induced comas, self mutilated, planned on murdering other people, and was an extremely violent individual that detested life.

Knocking at death’s door, ready at any time to go in, Mark encountered Christ in 2011. This encounter was set to change his life. He entered The Transformations discipleship program on the Gold Coast of Australia, which really turned his life around. He completed the program in a little over a year, becoming a staff member of the program in south-east Queensland, where he helped pioneer a new campus.

The author has a deep passion for discipleship, mentoring and recovery and has been sober and clean from drugs since. He has a diploma in ministry and is currently undertaking a diploma in drug and alcohol (training?). He has had the privilege of preaching his testimony in churches, prisons and schools, as well as at crusades. Marked by Mercy is a book that will leave you knowing that, no matter how bad your situation may be, there is hope.


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