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No Limit
Peter Woodbridge . ISBN 9780994551627 . Price

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What happens when four young mates from Melbourne, Australia, decide to take their brand of Christian rock music to the live stage? This is a passionate account of life on the road with the Christian rock band, No Limit, who rocked Melbourne’s Christian music scene for the ten years from 1982 to 1991. This collection of stories offers insight into the writing of songs, the organising of gigs, the sharing of the gospel, and the changes to peoples’ lives that happened as a result of this ministry.

Join No Limit on their musical journey, regardless of whether they are performing to five thousand at a football stadium, one thousand at a school hall or to ten people at a suburban coffee shop. Along the journey, the author offers messages of hope, invites the reader to regularly examine their own life, and throws down challenges towards fulfilling dreams by drawing life lessons out of the inspiring stories that he tells. This book is an important contribution to the history of Christian rock music in Australia.

No Limit is refreshing, sometimes humorous and always focussed. It reminds the reader that they don’t have to share their faith with the whole wide world, especially when their local city is in need of a positive Christian voice.

About the Author
Peter Woodbridge is a history teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He is married with three adult children and a cat.He learned to play both guitar and bass guitar while at secondary school. He worked in the finance industry for sixteen years before completing a theological degree and training to become a teacher. He has shared his faith stories in hundreds of classrooms and church services as a teacher and Lay Preacher, and loves to tell jokes that are really not funny. He strongly believes in educating young people by finding ways to make positive connections with them.

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