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Not Quite Home
Steve John . ISBN 9780994429957 . Price

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Daily life seemed like a series of frustrations. A normal day may have seen me paying bills at offices filled with clouds of cigarette smoke and crowds of people jostling for attention, battling blocked toilets, and stepping around dead animals letting off pungent odours.

Yet Indonesia was where we felt called to be. When we had exciting conversations about faith and we could see God at work, the comfort we had given up in leaving Australia seemed insignificant... Despite the challenges, we knew that we had found our place, our God-given niche.

Steve’s story, like that of many born in other cultures, traces a journey highlighted by the celebration of difference. He reflects on culture through his own experiences in Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia and Australia, seeking insight through stories, poetry, songs and a quirky sense of humour.

Steve’s experiences prove that God can use ordinary people to serve Him in extraordinary places. The benefits of such a life are countless, but the challenge is that, after embarking on this journey, everywhere you go will be not quite home...

About the author
Steve John was born in Nepal in the 1970’s when few in the West new of its existence. At age seven he moved with his family to Australia, the ‘home’ of his parents. His formative experiences as a child saw him considering moving overseas himself. A growing faith, and a clear sense that Indonesia was the place to go to, was confirmed by visits there. The only thing that was missing was a wife!

Steve now has a wonderful wife, Sarah, and two awesome kids. Steve and his family currently live in Sydney, Australia, encouraging, challenging and equipping those who are keen to serve God cross-culturally.

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