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Red On Gold
L.N. Walker . ISBN 9780648050858 . Price

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L. N. Walker tells a remarkable story... not just an account of her life, but a story of hope in a ravaged land. Splashed across its pages are sounds, colour and experiences of war-torn Vietnam: a father arrested, a body found in the golden rice fields, interrogation sessions, corrupt regimes, civil war, the Communist takeover of Saigon, life in Ho Chi Minh City and numerous abortive escape attempts.

Yet the harshness of the political conflict is softened by family warmth, community support and the rich glimpses of an ancient culture.

The author, now an Australian citizen, tells simply and powerfully what it has meant to her to have lived through such a turbulent period of her nation’s history. She shows that we never need be victims of our circumstances but even in adversity, can find unexpected sources of strength and courage.
FOREWORD BY Neville Bonner AO

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