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Revelations in the Valley
Sarah Ninham . ISBN 9780648050865 . Price

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I was taken on a health and spiritual journey I will never forget last year. Through a deep valley of struggles with my health, where I had to learn to call on God to help me find a way through, even when it felt as though I was standing still.

Starting off as cold and grey, I soon discovered that the valley could be a place of revelation, refreshment and restoration, if I would let it. A place I could really be still, away from the busyness of life.

The instruction God gave me 'to write my way out of the valley' was the turning point in my perception of the valley and I started to look for the lessons God was teaching me in this place.

Revelations in the Valley is my personal experience is expressed through a mix of autobiography, practical advice and spiritual revelations and offers hope to people going through their own trials, whatever they may be. It aims to help them discover the tools to get them through, all from a biblical and spiritual perspective.

About the author:
Sarah Ninham is a special needs teacher living on the west coast of New Zealand with her husband and two teenage children. Originally from the UK, Sarah's teaching skills took her to New Zealand 3 years ago. She is a writer at heart, having studied journalism as a young woman and written a children's book back in 2009.

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