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Shaky Ground
Linda Sheehan . ISBN 9780648263920 . Price

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Estelle and Ethan have been married for ten years.

However, it is the case they are working on in their well established detective agency that rocks one of them physically, spiritually and mentally.
The case affects their marriage and agency, and is something they need to overcome.

Who had caused the accident that landed Estelle in hospital and in a coma for six weeks?
Was the accident to do with their work as detectives, or was it personal?
What was the secret?
Where would this lead?
How does this accident affect Estelle physically, mentally and spiritually?
Will their marriage survive?

The mystery unveils in Shaky Ground.

About the author:
Brian and Linda, who have married for 37yrs, live under the lovely Mt Te Aroha in New Zealand. Linda has always liked writing and reading from an early age. She was encouraged by her English teacher while still at college to pursue writing. It wasn’t until recently that she had the opportunity to realise that goal. When not writing, she loves reading, or even doing Sudoku’s.

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