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Feeling trapped by grief?
Unable to move on?
Feeling at its mercy?

Being “stuck” in grief is extremely common. You are not alone.

It is an intriguing phenomenon, this grief we experience. It begins with great shock, a sudden realization that your life will never be the same again as a result of the loss you have experienced. That this person you loved and who was so entrenched in your life is not here; not anywhere on this earth.

UNSTUCK offers 9 keys to help move you towards becoming unstuck from grief. Each key is followed by an action step/s that moves you forward.

1. Thankfulness
2. Journaling
3. Walking
4. Intention
5. Permission
6. Repositioning
7. Boundaries
8. Time
9. Peace

About the author:
A gifted teacher, ordained minister and thanatologist, Steve Morrison is a seasoned Funeral Celebrant with over 11 years of experience in delivering exceptional service to grief-stricken families. Steve is the Founder and Managing Director of Oh My Grief, where he focuses on delivering information, inspiration and resources to people who have become ‘stuck’ in their life due to significant loss, grief, or trauma. Steve holds a Masters Degree and is currently working on his Research Doctorate looking at the connection between grief and faith.

Steve is a gifted musician and lives with a drive and commitment for loving life that is contagious. He loves to travel, experiencing and discovering new places and cultures. Steve is married to Naomi, and they have three daughters: Taylor (16), Andie (13), and Ashley-Jazz (9).


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