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Amber Glass
Glenda Rouxel . ISBN 9780992345211 . Price

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"So would you like one salvation or two?" I froze and looked around at all the chatting women to see if my evangelistic guffaw had been noticed. Fortunately Janine replied, "No thank you, I'm on a diet."

Meet Amber Glass, a sweet but slightly erratic Christian working mum, who decides to keep a diary to organise her thoughts and give her some semblance of sanity. One day God challenges her to step up and share the hope she has with her friends, and Amber has never been more embarrassed in her life. Amber's feelings of inadequacy are overcome by her love for her Saviour, and she decides to give it her best shot.with one eye closed.

Tackling her task amongst a practical joking husband, two precocious children, a dragon lady boss, a dog with a passion for vacuum cleaners, her own obsession with chocolate and two painfully honest friends, Amber experiences mistakes and monumental mayhem while on the providential prowl. Will Amber fulfill her new found passion and successfully lead her friends to salvation? Or will she just have another chocolate biscuit and go shopping?

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