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And Some By Virtue Fall
Peter Connor . ISBN 9781921589331 . Price

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Davy Cunningham is arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and of handling stolen goods, which is a mystery to his family and friends who know he is capable of no such thing.

He works as a furniture removalist at a large company as a driver and storeman with his regular partner Alf Bartlett.
A job comes up which has to be undercover and done according to instructions with no questions asked. Davy is suspicious but his boss asks him to obey orders and trust him which Davy, a loyal employee agrees to. Two men are assigned to go with Davy and his partner to a fine old house and there a great number of valuable goods are removed, some to the warehouse of Davy’s company and the rest to who knows where.

Then it’s downhill all the way. The warehouse is shut down, arrests are made and Davy and Alf are in the frame for it. They have been used as pawns in the conspiracy, that’s obvious but justice has to be done. They go on trial and their futures, and indeed their characters for all time hang in the balance.

About the Author:

Of English decent, Peter Connor has been writing for over 10 years and has a background in film studios and television working as editor on drama series and cinema features.

He has worked for BBC TV and ABC on documentaries, commercials and corporate productions and news as an editor.

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