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Billy is a novel written by the author of the best-selling book ‘800 Horsemen’. Based around historical facts. This is a story set at the outbreak of WW1 and deals with the life of a young part-Aboriginal – a top rider and crack shot – who after a tragic accident leaves his beloved Arnhem Land (and Bessie, the girl he loves) and rides off to join the Australian Light Horse. (Only one of the very few Indigenous men who were accepted into this legendary unit).

Billy sees action at Gallipoli, where he quickly develops into the ANZAC’S top sniper and soon begins to challenge the best of the Turkish snipers in one-to-one combat. Mentally traumatised by the loss of his ‘mates’ in the charge of the Light Horsemen at the Nek, Billy turns into a cold-blooded killer and extracts a fearsome toll on his Turkish foes.

At the darkest moment in Billy’s life he meets up with Anzac Chaplain William McDonald, a born again, godly man who has a profound affect upon his life.

Billy sees action throughout the Sinai (Palestine) campaign and takes part in the world changing charge at Beersheba. It was here that Australian Light Horse broke the back of the Muslim forces and fulfilled Bible prophecy. For the first time in 400 years the gateway to Jerusalem was open.

But it is at the surrender of Jerusalem that the Aboriginal lad from the bush becomes involved in a world shattering event, an event that thrusts him onto the world stage.

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