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Career Advice for the Lost Soul
Rebecca Hayman . ISBN 978-0-9875839-3-2 . Price

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Pastor Lydia Waters has a career is straight-forward, logical and more than likely to succeed. That is until she is stymied by her boss, the slightly sinister, can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it-but-I-wish-he’d-stop-smiling-at-me-like-that- Reverend Gordon Bates.

Lydia flounders and she doesn’t have a plan for floundering. Loss of a job she can handle, but loss of belief in the job she is qualified to do? What does it mean to pastor a church anyway?

In the lull answers come unexpectantly. Sid and Viv Vincent, with their awkward kindness, reinstate church as that place where you get a cuppa and bikky afterwards (sometimes even cake). Her mother Phyllis Waters leads Lydia into the wide expanse of Australia’s interior, where Luke’s Gospel demands of her an exploration of self. And then there is Malcolm Preston who can’t be dimissed quite as easily as she first though.

About the author:

Rebecca Hayman lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children. She has written three novels: Bloody-minded Old Women, God and Other Problems (short-listed for the Vogel Award in 2000) and Career Advice for the Lost Soul. She has also won several awards for her children's stories.

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