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From Darkness He Came
A.P. Collins . ISBN 9781921589553 . Price

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From Darkness He Came is a stunning fiction that encapsulates the truth that “All life is sacred”.

Journey with Phelan Jefferson, a person who is so focused on his own pain and teenaged angst that he is blind to the suffering of others and the privileges he enjoys. Read as he is awakened not only to why his own life is so precious but also why the privileged few cannot afford to simply enjoy luxury without reaching out to those in need.

In a journey of faith that will take him from his complacent life through pain and personal tragedy into the midst of danger, Phelan will learn that human grace, dignity and humility are worth more than a universe filled with gold. It does not matter whether you are a person of faith or not, the common prevailing ideal is that life is precious and should be preserved.

About the Author

A. P. Collins was born in October of 1986 in Melbourne, Victoria, the first born of an industrial chemist and an oncological nurse. When he was four, the family moved to Hobart, Tasmania, where he grew up, his younger sister being born into the family soon after the move. At the age of 18 he moved out of home to study a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and English at the University of New South Wales. Although he was raised Catholic, he did not know Christ until his third year at University, when a group of remarkable people introduced him to real faith. He currently resides in Darwin, Australia, where he is a full time employee of the Australian Government.

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