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Guardians Of Eden
Graham Carter . ISBN 978-0-9805414-9-6 . Price

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In the thousand years that have passed since Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden, their descendants have multiplied and spread across the face of the planet. In recent times rumours have been heard regarding a strange race of beings, the Nephilim, said to be the giant offspring of unholy alliances between the fallen sons of God and women of great beauty.

Life in Thalan’s tiny, seaside village seems a world away from such events until one fateful day when servants of a Nephilim king arrive looking for the youngster. Could it be that seventeen year-old Thalan holds the key to the downfall of these powerful giants? And what is the significance of the ancient prophecy about the seed of Eve crushing the serpent’s head? It seems the answers lie in a quest to find the legendary Garden of Eden and the fabled Tree of Life that stands in its midst. But will Thalan be able to survive the hostile journey to the other side of the world to find out?

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